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We have had the pleasure of working with Debby Sattler for over a year. Debby is a top-notch physical therapist who brings to her work not only an impressive knowledge base and tremendous clinical experience, but also an unbelievable amount of compassion for the patients and families with whom she works. Our daughter, Catherine, was given the vague and scary diagnosis of congenital hypotonia at eight weeks, and then was further diagnosed with a very rare and transient form of dystonia months later. Debby was undaunted by her diagnosis, and today, at 20 months, our daughter is walking independently and unassisted. In fact, Debby was with us when Cate took her very first steps at the age of 17 months-an age which falls within the "normal" range for walking.

Our family has worked with a number of therapists over the year, and I can honestly say that Debby is unparalleled in her technique and her empathy. The term "physical therapy" conjures up images of hard work, sweat and tears. Cate's experience has been the antithesis-she welcomes Debby with open arms and a smile, and looks forward to "playing" with Debby. Debby pushes when appropriate, and hugs when necessary. The amazing thing about Debby is that she can be so warm as she extracts such hard work from her patients. Debby has made our family feel so confident and comfortable with her, that on one occasion when Cate was having a particularly hard weekend, I called her before even calling Cate's doctor to get her input.

I would recommend Debby wholeheartedly to anyone who has a child experiencing a gross motor challenge, and have recently recommended her to a very close friend, who happens to be a physician. Debby has truly changed our life through her work with our daughter.

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