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The skills a baby learns in the first year of life is quite astounding. An infant is gaining strength and practicing balance and movement from the first day of life. Below, you can find some very general guidelines that may help you to know what skills to look for in your baby's first year of life. Remember, each child is unique and may progress at different speeds or in different sequences. Let this act as a simple guideline as you observe your baby. If you have questions or concerns, contact your pediatrician.

   Should be able to lift his/her head to clear airway
   Holds head up for a few seconds when supported at your shoulder

By the end of 3 months:
   Begins to develop a social smile
   Lifts head up to 45 degrees when on tummy
   Able to push up on forearms when on tummy
   Brings hands to mouth
   Grabs and shakes toy

By the end of 4 months:
   Rolls from tummy to back
   Lifts head up to 90 degrees when on tummy and sustains it up for extended periods
   Bears weight when supported in standing

By 6 months:
   Rolls from back to tummy
   Sits with hands on surface

By 9 months:
   Crawls on hands and knees
   Able to sit for an extended period and reach for toys without falling
   Transitions from tummy up to sitting

By 12 months:
   Pulls to stand at a surface
   Cruises around furniture in standing
   Able to stand alone and may make a few independant steps

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