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We offer expertise in evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of pediatric diagnoses for children newborn through childhood in the home environment including, but not limited to: Torticollis, Delays in Gross Motor Development, Cerebral Palsy, Low Tone/Hypotonia, Down Syndrome, Hypertonia, Toe Walking, Decreased balance and Coordination, Extreme Prematurity, Spina Bifida, Club Foot, Hip Dislocation, Fetal alcohol Syndrome, Head Injury, Stroke and Developmental Issues related to time spent in an orphanage in a developing country.

One of the most common questions we get is, "what kind of physical therapy do babies need and how do you work with a baby or young child?" We respond by asking what babies and young children love the most? Well, they love attention, exploration and learning. And that is just what physical therapy for a child entails. It is one on one attention where the therapist provides opportunities for the baby to gain strength and balance while learning to move and explore the environment. In practicing these early movement experiences in correct ways, it allows the child to integrate the movement patterns and learn to move on their own. In our experience, most infants and children look forward to physical therapy sessions.

It is never too early to start physical therapy. In fact, the earlier physical therapy begins, the sooner your child gains strength and learns to move in the correct way. Most important in this early period is the hands-on teaching with family members to allow for practice throughout the week and to ultimately help your child to reach his/her goals.

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